Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Voting Pads-to promote real-time interaction between instructor and audience

We at Edu Assessment Pvt Ltd have the state of the art Audience Response System, manufactured by Turning Technologies, USA.
Our Voting Pads have about 78% market share internationally. The purpose of Audience Response System is to enhance and promote real-time interaction between instructor/mentor/teacher and students/audience/participants.
The Audience Response System operates on radio-frequency technology; thus, not require line-of-sight.
These clickers are robust, reliable and produce instant and completely error-free result within seconds. Participants can respond or cast their vote by simply pressing the buttons on the clickers and results are displayed immediately.
Our Audience Response System/voting pads can be used in multiple environments such as Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Corporate Training, Seminar Halls, Auditorium, Motivational events, Quizzes, Business Meetings etc. Our company will readily customize the solution for your needs.

Responses/feedback accumulated using Audience Response Systems can be analyzed, reviewed and evaluated in various report formats.
Voting pads allow asking various kinds of questions. These clickers can be operated in the range of up to 400 ft, and can be leveraged to be used even for larger gatherings.
We render complete technical training & support to all our clients.

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