Saturday, 31 December 2016

Clicker for interactive teaching and learning

Clickers allow teacher to pose questions and gather students' feedback during a lecture. Clickers are also referred to as student response system, classroom response systems, personal performance systems, or audience response systems.
Teacher delivers questions posed in presentation to participants via projector, students respond by using our State-of-the-Art clickers. The receiver connected to instructor’s computer gathers all the responses, and transfers into assessment software, which produces reports in desired formats. Reports are also saved or exported in desired formats for later viewing and evaluation.
Turning Point software converts your presentation into interactive slides, and allows you to control your session effectively.

Benefits of Clickers
·        User-friendly interface
·        Ability to work with any application
·        Plug and play hardware set-up
·        Display of charts and graphs of students’ answers
·        Scoring as mean, median deviation and statistical reports
·        Ability to merge multiple sessions into one comprehensive report
·        Automatic and manual creation of participant rosters
·        Ability to provide negative point values
·        Vertical, horizontal, distributed pi and 3D charts options.
·        Students have ability to respond questions at their own pace.
·        Team assignment allows you to induce competitions among students.
·        Available for SRS devices as well as supports BYOD.

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