Thursday, 18 May 2017

Student Response System for quick assessment

Student Response System is used for taking the student responses. It creates an interactive environment between the presenter (teacher) and audience (students). It is state-of-the-art student response system from Turning Technologies , USA. It uses two way RF technology and optimized for feedback from 1000 participants concurrently and generate reports in desired format. It is very compact, plug-and-play and easy to carry.
This solution works in three format-PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling, Self-Paced polling.
In PowerPoint Polling questions can be inserted in PowerPoint slides.
Different types of questions can be asked such as Multiple Choice, Numeric Response, True/False, Short Answer, Analogy, Priority Ranking, Ice Breaker etc.
In Anywhere Polling you can ask any question orally,  in order to know the opinion of the student/audience, report will be generated automatically.
In Self-Paced Polling question paper will be given to the student/audience, as he/she responds to the question with help of clicker, report will be generated.

Student Response System consists of assessment software, response devices/clickers, receiver (RF based) and presenter card.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Clicker for interactive teaching and learning

Clickers allow teacher to pose questions and gather students' feedback during a lecture. Clickers are also referred to as student response system, classroom response systems, personal performance systems, or audience response systems.
Teacher delivers questions posed in presentation to participants via projector, students respond by using our State-of-the-Art clickers. The receiver connected to instructor’s computer gathers all the responses, and transfers into assessment software, which produces reports in desired formats. Reports are also saved or exported in desired formats for later viewing and evaluation.
Turning Point software converts your presentation into interactive slides, and allows you to control your session effectively.

Benefits of Clickers
·        User-friendly interface
·        Ability to work with any application
·        Plug and play hardware set-up
·        Display of charts and graphs of students’ answers
·        Scoring as mean, median deviation and statistical reports
·        Ability to merge multiple sessions into one comprehensive report
·        Automatic and manual creation of participant rosters
·        Ability to provide negative point values
·        Vertical, horizontal, distributed pi and 3D charts options.
·        Students have ability to respond questions at their own pace.
·        Team assignment allows you to induce competitions among students.
·        Available for SRS devices as well as supports BYOD.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Voting Pads-to promote real-time interaction between instructor and audience

We at Edu Assessment Pvt Ltd have the state of the art Audience Response System, manufactured by Turning Technologies, USA.
Our Voting Pads have about 78% market share internationally. The purpose of Audience Response System is to enhance and promote real-time interaction between instructor/mentor/teacher and students/audience/participants.
The Audience Response System operates on radio-frequency technology; thus, not require line-of-sight.
These clickers are robust, reliable and produce instant and completely error-free result within seconds. Participants can respond or cast their vote by simply pressing the buttons on the clickers and results are displayed immediately.
Our Audience Response System/voting pads can be used in multiple environments such as Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Corporate Training, Seminar Halls, Auditorium, Motivational events, Quizzes, Business Meetings etc. Our company will readily customize the solution for your needs.

Responses/feedback accumulated using Audience Response Systems can be analyzed, reviewed and evaluated in various report formats.
Voting pads allow asking various kinds of questions. These clickers can be operated in the range of up to 400 ft, and can be leveraged to be used even for larger gatherings.
We render complete technical training & support to all our clients.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Classroom Response System-for classroom assessment

Classroom response system is a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching and learning activities in classrooms.
Teacher/instructor delivers questions on projector via computer and students/audience respond using Clickers. These responses transmitted to software via receiver and software generates individual or cumulative results reports in many desired formats.  
Classroom response system works on Radio-Frequency technology, hence it doesn’t require line-of-sight, students can respond from anywhere within the range of 400 feet.
Teacher also provides “on-the-fly” instruction to students. Team competition allows you to divide participants in small groups and creates competition among them.
Audience response system creates unprecedented excitement in teaching and learning.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to Augment Employees Engagement/Participants Using New Technology and Techniques

Excellence in training depends upon relationships between Trainer and learner. Trainers who can build rapport and mutual understanding with learners have a better interaction and attention during presentation/training.
When Instructor  has the ability to inspire participants from different backgrounds and locations to work together to solve problems, learners are more likely to learn new concepts and retain knowledge.
In a training session, instructors and students are under time constraints that can make it challenging to allow relationships to develop organically. Some instructors attempt to expedite the rapport-building stage via exercises such as having each student tell the class something about themselves or the instructor shares an anecdote to kick off the training session.

These techniques can help create engagement, but their utility tends to be limited. Not all students are enthusiastic about public speaking – in fact, most people aren’t. Training session participants are more likely to spend the time before their turn to speak dreading their moment in the spotlight than listening to their classmates and learning something about them.

And while an amusing story from the instructor can help break the ice, it’s a top-down communication that rarely does more than briefly capture student attention. A more effective approach is one that allows instructors to engage in a two-way conversation and enables all students to participate in the training session without fear of being put on the spot.

Many instructors have found an ideal solution to this dilemma in response technology. With response technology, they can embed questions into PowerPoint slides and allow students to answer anonymously using clickers or smart phones. Instructors can then display the aggregate response data on screen in chart form.

Monday, 20 June 2016

ResponseCard NXT- Audience Response System

ResponseCard NXT provides all the features of RF response systems to conduct live exam. It can respond multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, short answer and essay type questions. ResponseCard NXT is the best suited for self-paced test mode for individual performance analysis and assessment. It has a large LCD screen, which indicates confirmation of response received.

ResponseCard NXT has an angled, back-lit LCD screen for optimizing visibility in low-light surroundings. It is mobile phone like hand-held device with rugged case that ensures device’s longevity under extreme conditions.

NXT clicker is fully compatible with Turning Point's Assessment Software and Response Software that provide a user-friendly interface and advanced technologies.

Student Response System for quick assessment

Student Response System   is used for taking the student responses. It creates an interactive environment between the presenter (teacher) ...