Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Classroom Response System-for classroom assessment

Classroom response system is a set of hardware and software that facilitates teaching and learning activities in classrooms.
Teacher/instructor delivers questions on projector via computer and students/audience respond using Clickers. These responses transmitted to software via receiver and software generates individual or cumulative results reports in many desired formats.  
Classroom response system works on Radio-Frequency technology, hence it doesn’t require line-of-sight, students can respond from anywhere within the range of 400 feet.
Teacher also provides “on-the-fly” instruction to students. Team competition allows you to divide participants in small groups and creates competition among them.
Audience response system creates unprecedented excitement in teaching and learning.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to Augment Employees Engagement/Participants Using New Technology and Techniques

Excellence in training depends upon relationships between Trainer and learner. Trainers who can build rapport and mutual understanding with learners have a better interaction and attention during presentation/training.
When Instructor  has the ability to inspire participants from different backgrounds and locations to work together to solve problems, learners are more likely to learn new concepts and retain knowledge.
In a training session, instructors and students are under time constraints that can make it challenging to allow relationships to develop organically. Some instructors attempt to expedite the rapport-building stage via exercises such as having each student tell the class something about themselves or the instructor shares an anecdote to kick off the training session.

These techniques can help create engagement, but their utility tends to be limited. Not all students are enthusiastic about public speaking – in fact, most people aren’t. Training session participants are more likely to spend the time before their turn to speak dreading their moment in the spotlight than listening to their classmates and learning something about them.

And while an amusing story from the instructor can help break the ice, it’s a top-down communication that rarely does more than briefly capture student attention. A more effective approach is one that allows instructors to engage in a two-way conversation and enables all students to participate in the training session without fear of being put on the spot.

Many instructors have found an ideal solution to this dilemma in response technology. With response technology, they can embed questions into PowerPoint slides and allow students to answer anonymously using clickers or smart phones. Instructors can then display the aggregate response data on screen in chart form.

Monday, 20 June 2016

ResponseCard NXT- Audience Response System

ResponseCard NXT provides all the features of RF response systems to conduct live exam. It can respond multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, short answer and essay type questions. ResponseCard NXT is the best suited for self-paced test mode for individual performance analysis and assessment. It has a large LCD screen, which indicates confirmation of response received.

ResponseCard NXT has an angled, back-lit LCD screen for optimizing visibility in low-light surroundings. It is mobile phone like hand-held device with rugged case that ensures device’s longevity under extreme conditions.

NXT clicker is fully compatible with Turning Point's Assessment Software and Response Software that provide a user-friendly interface and advanced technologies.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Virtual Classroom to access live classroom activities from anywhere

Interactive Virtual Classroom enables you to provide training in a live environment over the Internet to participants, employees and other geographically distributed audiences.
Our Virtual Classroom can be accessed on different devices such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone. It can also be used on any network connection and optimised for use on the Internet. It requires low bandwidth.
Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom provides real time communication /collaboration solution that allows several people from different organizations (participants, students, faculties, stakeholders etc.) to hold virtual meetings, distance training sessions, team collaboration conferences, large audience events, give commercial presentations and remote support etc. simultaneously online in an effective and productive way, while reducing expenses.

Key Features:
  • Offers complete Media Collaboration solution to conferencing, collaboration and communication.
  • It is perfect for both single-site collaboration and multi-site collaboration with up to 25 locations where users can join from anywhere, using any device – pc, mobile, room endpoints or telephone.
  • Multi-source capture with up to 4 video input sources.
  • Real-time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, file transfer, recording, etc.
  • At Single-site you can have the ability to stream content, video, whiteboard and annotations from your PC or mobile devices onto displays wirelessly.
  • Capture HD video, audio and data for future use
  • Record presentations, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings, and more

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Smart Classroom Solution for interactive teaching and learning

Edu Assessment’s digital classroom solution is a technology oriented e-Learning system, which creates unprecedented interest and excitement in both teaching and learning.
Our digital classroom solution is empowered to make teaching and learning easy, interactive and modern.
eAssessment’s  digital classroom solution is based on interactive and rich multimedia equipments which illuminates abstract & difficult concepts with crystal clarity.
It binds the interaction gaps between teacher & students and helps them realize their true potential.
This digital Classroom solution comprises of Portable Interactive Whiteboard, Student Feedback System, Interactive Pads, Remote Classroom System, Visualiser, Smart Teaching Podium, Projectors, Wireless presenter system, Microphones, speakers, Desktop/Laptop and eAssessment’s e-Learning software, makes the learning process more interactive, student-centered & enjoyable. It completely replaces traditional teaching system of blackboard & chalk in the most economical way.

Importance of Smart Classroom Solution:
  •  To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers.
  • To engage students by making learning fun. 
  • To improve student learning outcomes, both subject-specific and in a broader context.
  • To enable teachers to integrate the technology into their classrooms. Providing ongoing technical and lesson planning support to teachers.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Classroom performance system for engaging and monitoring audience

Classroom performance system is used to engage and monitor audience/student performance. Audience Response System QT device has the full featured keywords, which is designed to collect more meaningful data. Audience response system QT2 is the perfect device to increase understanding and communication throughout the teaching and learning process.
  • You can ask an array of question types such as multiple response, multiple choices, true-false, completion, short answer and essay provide a deeper look at participant understanding.
  • Messaging capabilities allow questions to be sent and received throughout instruction without interruptions.
  • It is used to monitor progress and engage with learners in real-time, but also to conduct self-paced surveys, assessments or evaluations.
  • Design is light, easy to hold and comfortable when typing detailed responses.
  • Large LCD screen and keypad are backlit for clear viewing and responding in low and well-lit environments.
  • Device keys are designed to further support response accuracy and are durable to withstand heavy use.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

ResponseCard RF LCD- Audience Response System

The ResponseCard RF LCD is the size of a credit card, and provides the features and functionality required to ensure selections are accurate, timely and effortlessly transmitted to the presenter's receiver. ResponseCard RF LCD is compatible with TurningPoint assessment software.
Using Audience Response System ResponseCard RF LCD
  • You can respond to question having up to 10 answer choices.
  • Easy to use audience response system.
  • Ensures 100% audience engagement.
  • Builds self confidence and better time management.
  • Works with PowerPoint based assessment and any other media formats.
  • 1000 clickers can be connected with single receiver within the range of 200 feet.
  • ResponseCard RF' LCD screen displays answer confirmation, channel setting and battery life.
  • Tracks individual as well as collective responses.
  • Creates instant result in various formats.